Dr Mihaela Ghența, senior researcher

Mihaela Ghenţa is an economist specialised in social management at The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (2000) and also a graduate of the Law Faculty of The University of Bucharest (2006). Mihaela Ghenţa is a scientific researcher in the Social Policy Department of the National Scientific Research Institute for Labour and Social Protection (INCSMPS). She worked as an economist in several projects funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Romania and participated in the evaluation of policies and strategies in the field of active labour market measures and social assistance of elderly, at national and international level. She was involved in national and international projects in the field of social policies, social services, elderly, and organisational management, as expert or project coordinator.


Dr Aniela Matei, senior researcher

Aniela Matei is a sociologist with MA degree in Communication and Public Opinion and a PhD degree in Sociology from the University of Bucharest. She has over 18 years of experience in implementing national and international research projects in the field of social policies within INCSMPS. Currently Aniela Matei leads the Social Policies department coordinating three research teams within this department (Family and Child in Difficulty Policies, Policies for Elderly, Poverty and Social Indicators). She has extensive experience in social inclusion projects of disadvantaged groups, including elderly (MoPAct- Mobilising the Potential of Acting Ageing in Europe – FP 7 project, Quality of life for Dependent Elderly in Romania – project financed by Romanian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Methodology for continuous monitoring of the quality of care in the institutions providing long-term care services – project financed by Romanian Ministry of Labour and Social Protection etc.).