Overall aim of the project

1) Enhancing research-based knowledge on the multidimensional nature of old age social exclusion and its consequences for mental and physical health of older adults.

2) Identifying social policy implications that take into account the national context and identifying strategies for creating conditions that minimize social exclusion of disadvantaged groups.

Research objectives

RO1. To describe levels and patterns in the multidimensional nature of old age social exclusion.  
RO2. To assess and explain the relationships between the different dimensions of old age exclusion.  
RO3. To analyse the associations between old age social exclusion and health inequalities in older adults.  
RO4. To identify which social groups, in addition to women and Roma, are at risk for social exclusion in old age in Romania.  
RO5. To describe the lived reality of older Romanian men and women who are at particular risk of social exclusion and ways they deal with their situation over their life course.
RO6. To analyse the social protection frameworks for older people with a main focus on pensions, health and long-term care.

Policy and dissemination objectives

DO1. To design a set of policy measures aiming at tackling social exclusion of vulnerable groups in Romania.
DO2. To strengthen scientific research and recruitment to the field of ageing research in general and old age social exclusion in particular.