Dr Marja Aartsen, research professor

Marja Aartsen is a research professor at NOVA and the leader of the Norwegian research team. Her main research interest is on micro-, meso and macro level drivers of social in- and exclusion from social networks and society, and the health and wellbeing outcomes in later life. She is co-leader of GENPATH, an international research project on the Gendered Pathways of exclusion from social relations in later life, member of a Nordic research group on social inequalities in ageing, and research member of the Norwegian panel study on Life Course, Ageing and Generation (NorLAG). She is one of the editors-in-chief of the European Journal of Ageing.


Franziska Rothe, research assistant

Franziska Rothe is a research assistant at NOVA. She has a BA in psychology and a year’s study in sociology at the University of Oslo, and a MA in social work at Oslo Metropolitan University. Her main interest is on the experience of loneliness and social exclusion among elderly people.


Dr Jonathan Wörn, senior researcher

Jonathan Wörn is a senior researcher at the Department of Aging Research and Housing Studies of NOVA-Norwegian Social Research at OsloMet, and postdoctoral researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. He obtained a Masters degree in sociology from the University of Mannheim, and received a PhD from the University of Cologne. His main interest is in the health effects of social contexts and social relations – in general, and specifically in the context of family and work. He is also interested in the long term effects of earlier life experiences on old age outcomes, and social inequalities in general. In his dissertation, he examined social determinants of cognitive functioning in old age.

Hanna Vangen, researcher

Hanna Vangen is a researcher at the Department of Aging Research and Housing Studies at Norwegian Social Research (NOVA) at OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University. She has a background in sociology from the University of Oslo and has recently finished a PhD in Social Work and Social Sciences from OsloMet. Her research interest is in ageing research with a focus on participation in the labour market and unpaid work such as family care and volunteering. In her dissertation, she examined how participation in unpaid work is motivated and related to paid work in the second half of life. She has training in longitudinal methods and is a research member of the Norwegian Life Course, Ageing and Generation Study (NorLAG).